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Research Interest and Essays

Personal Essay: In the box below, in 3200 characters or less, please explain how you became interested in the project, why you want this opportunity, how you will benefit from the fellowship both personally and professionally, and what personal qualities (skills, attributes, and/or abilities) you possess that will ensure a successful fellowship experience.

Project Essay: In the box below, in 5000 characters or less, please indicate the primary objective of your project, discuss why is it important, explain the methodology(ies)/ approach(es) that will be used to accomplish your objective, present a time line for the project during the fellowship period, and identify the end result(s) of your project (e.g., a public presentation at URSCA or other conference, a paper, art work, play, etc.).

Applicant Endorsement: By typing your full name into the box below, you are endorsing your application and give Whittier College the permission to access your current academic transcripts. Likewise, you affirm that all of the statements and information on this application are to the best of your knowledge, true and correct.

Application Documents & References

The Application Documents needed are: 

  1. Current Unofficial Transcripts (from all 2 yr and 4 yr institutions you have attended. You can simply submit a PDF of your degreeworks for your Whittier transcript.)
  2. Student Contract
  3. Mentor Agreement
  4. Course Progress Reports: please create a report for all courses you are currently taking this spring semester.

The Student Contract, Mentor Agreement, and Course Progress Report Forms can be downloaded from the Fletcher Jones Fellowship website at the following link: https://www.whittier.edu/fellowships/find/fletcherjones

Please download the documents, fill them out, scan and save them ALL as ONE PDF file, and then upload to the designated link below.

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Faculty Research Mentor Recommendation

You have been identified as a person who has agreed to serve as a Faculty Research Mentor for the Whittier College student named above, who is applying for the Fletcher Jones Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship.

Please use the tab below to upload and submit a PDF file of your recommendation letter for this applicant.  Please submit your letter by Wednesday March 8, 2023.

Please note: The applicant's application will not be submitted for consideration until you have submitted your letter of recommendation. 

Thank you for your time and your support.

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