Whittier College Event Approval Request

All Whittier College proposed events that will be held in-person and/or that will incur direct costs require approval from your Division Vice President or Director before reserving space in the Event Management System (EMS). This form is for events and activities that are not centered on students, such as in-person department or committee meetings, professional development, or an alumini or donor event. Requests for student-centered events must be submitted through Engage.

Contact Person/Organizer*
e.g. Biology Department Meeting, Title IX Training Workshop
Event Frequency*
Event/Activity Type - Please select all that apply*
Requested Event Date/Time*
Enter "Virtual" if event/activity will be conducted remotely. Space must be separately reserved in EMS after VP approval. However, please check to ensure the space desired is currently available in EMS.
Outdoor dining/refreshments remain the campus standard. Are you requesting an exception for indoor dining/refreshments?*
Is Bon Appetit catering requested for the proposed event? Please ensure that you have a quote from Bon Appetit estimating cost. Note that catering requests will be approved on a very limited basis.*
Will the event incur any direct costs to be covered by operational or restricted budget(s)?*

Estimated Event Cost by Expense Type/Account

e.g. Honoria, Supplies, Food, Travel


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