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Consult your DegreeWorks worksheet to complete this form. A BLOCK is any bold blue bar in the degree audit. A REQUIREMENT is anything defined directly after the block.

When to Use a Substitution

A Substitution is a requirement that will be met with something other than what is defined as needed. 

Example: A sociology major who wants to substitute SOC XXX for SOC XXX

When to Use a Waiver

A Waiver is requested when a major requirement cannot be met. This may require a full petition.

Example: A PHYS major wishing to opt out of PHYS 275 without a stated replacement will request a waiver.

When to Use a Course Definition

A Course Definition requires verbal consultation with an advisor and may be applied in instances where a course will meet a DEPTH requirement in the major.

Example: A CHDV major and their advisor have agreed that CHDV XXX will meet the depth requirement in the major.

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