Concurrent Enrollment Form

The Concurrent Enrollment Form is required for currently enrolled students who intend to take courses outside of Whittier College (WC) for the purpose of receiving transfer credit, including courses intended to be taken during a study abroad program. Faculty Advisor and Registrar approval are mandatory. Department Chair approval is required in cases where transfer credit will satisfy a Major or Minor requirement, or transfer as an upper-division course within a subject area. All coursework is subject to WC transfer policy (see College Catalog). Please include your correct Student ID number, Course Name from another institution, and Poet Email. Any incorrect information or if you do not include your POET email will result in a rejected form.

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Concurrent Enrollment Requirements

  1. Transfer credit cannot be guaranteed unless this form is filed and approved prior to enrollment.
  2. Course(s) must appear on an official transcript from a regionally accredited college or university. Transcripts must be in English and accompanied by a grade and credit legend or conversion chart.
  3. After matriculation, all remaining Liberal Education Program requirements must be completed by WC courses. Courses taken through a WC approved study abroad program may satisfy Liberal Education Program requirements subject to Liberal Education chair approval.
  4. Students may transfer a maximum of 90 semester credits, 70 of which may be from the community college level.
  5. Quarter credits will be converted to semester credits by a 2/3 reduction upon transfer.
  6. A final grade of C- of higher is required for transfer. Grades do not transfer in to WC and therefore do not impact the WC grade point average (GPA).
  7. Once a course has been completed at WC, an equivalent course may not be taken elsewhere for transfer credit.
  8. Course descriptions must be in English and submitted along with this form.
  9. Courses will not be articulated to WC Special Topics courses (i.e. courses with numbers of 190, 290, etc.). Courses that do not articulate to a WC equivalent course will transfer as general electives (i.e. 100T, 200T, etc.).

Course Transfer Information

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Registrar Review

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Department Chair or Liberal Education Approval

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